Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why pay for World of Warcraft?

I told myself the exact same thing. Why would anyone pay every month for any video game thats outrageous! That is what i have been thinking for a very long time. Until just yesterday i made the purchase. All i have to say is AMAZING! I cant believe how well they made the world so seamless and glitch free as you wonder the HUGE world of World of Warcraft. The reason i wrote this article was to let everyone know that this game is a must buy. I used to think it was for nerds that had nothing to better to do...Well and it very still may be, but if so, call me a nerd any day of the week. It is however a very addicting game and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone that has a lot of work to do. There have also been talks of recent glitches with Blizzard's servers? If thats true then i haven't seen them. And before you rag on this article, consider this, many of the RPG games of the future, will be seamless and contain multiplayer. Get used to it. By the way, Blizzard has won numerous Game of the Year awards for good classic games such as Warcraft 2, Starcraft, and the Diablo series. Digg this article if you love World of Warcraft and you can't get enough!

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