Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How to make money with a Blog

Everyone has a Blog nowadays and everyone thinks they can make money. However, in order to make the real dough you need to promote your blog and decide if full time blogging is right for you. I have seen so many people try to build a blog to make money, and add a bunch of useless stuff, and think there ready to make the big bucks. Let me tell you this will not happen. In order to make money with a blog, just making posts every day will not help you. Sure its good for your blog, but in all actuality its not helping your site get ranked better and it sure as hell isn't outreaching for people to click on your articles. In this article i will go over very important steps to getting your blog noticed by real people, and by search engines. I have organized this list in order of importance. All of these steps must be done to have a successful blog. Some more than others.

Digg and other News sites

In order for you to get full potential of an article you write, you must submit it to user moderated news outlets. Many sites try to be like Digg.com, but none surpass it. So first create an article that is rich with content and is definitely what people are looking for. When you have done that it is now time to submit to high ranking news sites. Go to the main Digg.com website and submit an article. You have to first create a user name and password. When you do this save your user name and password. With Digg you can "Digg" other peoples articles and develop friendships with people that have similar interests. This is great for Search Engine Spiders, because when someone Diggs your article it creates a new "backlink" on Digg that is very permanent. Make sure when you are submitting to Digg you submit your article in the appropriate category, if you do not do so your link will be removed and your time will be wasted.

Here is a Google search to find other places to submit your article!

Link trading - The oldest (must successful) trick in the book!

Nothing beats a good old fashioned link trade. This is where you contact the owner of a website or blog, and you ask them to put a link to your site on there main page, in exchange for a link back to there site on your main page. It wont always be easy to contact the owner of a specific web page, and you may have to look at the WHOIS information for the domain. Do whatever you think needs to be done to get a link back. This timeless technique not only gives you a direct stream of traffic from the targets web page/blog, but it also allows search engines to find your site more relevant than others. The reason why i give this such high priority is because of this. The higher the rank of the target website, the more the possibility of increasing your rankings. All of the tricks on this page are designed for you to increase your ranking with search engines. After all thats where people go to find information, and you now make your money on having relevant information. Lets move on.

Use Mozilla Firefox Web Browser - Get Google PageRank Status - Addon

Why? I'll tell you. In real time you can see the page rank of a given website you are trying to get your link on. Sure, the page rank is the page rank from 3 months prior, but that doesn't matter you aren't purchasing domains here. You just want a general idea of what the importance of the page is. Knowing this will tell you whether or not having a link on the site will actually increase your page ranking. I'm not saying if the page rank is 0 or 1 you should not put a link on there, a link is a link. GET ANOTHER LINK! This also comes in handy when you are looking to buy a paid spot in a directory. That is the next section.

Click here to install the Google PageRank Status Add-On for Mozilla Firefox

Blog Directories

Blog directories, or link directories are very important in web page development. Search engines use directories and rely heavily on them for the ranking process. Why? Because they are human moderated. This cuts a lot of work out that the search engine would have to do. Instead of hand removing sites search engines increase the ranking heavily on directories so that there human moderation, helps the internet as a whole. This has been true throughout the whole history of the internet. You think Yahoo! started as a search engine? Hell nah, it was a link directory. This is why you need to get on as many link directories as possible. Some require you to back link to them so make sure you follow all the directions site to site before you post.

Here is a HUGE Google list of Blog directories to Post on

Make interesting YouTube videos

There is one main reason for recording a good video for YouTube, and thats traffic. The obvious way to drive traffic would be to tag the video in the lower right hand corner with your blog address. You can do this with Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows XP. However this is not the only way to get traffic. Just embedding the video in your blog gives you traffic. How? Well thats simple when you click on the real YouTube URL of your video you will see a section called "Links:", next to that you will see a number that is a link. If you click this link you will see the top websites that have linked to this video. If you made the video you should be the top most website, if you play it from your website. This works extremely well because search engines find a real link to your blog on YouTube and it helps increase your page rank. Don't forget tagging your own video in the bottom left hand corner with your blog is the ultimate marketing strategy. The more people that embed your video, the more exposure your blog will get.

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