Friday, March 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen Winning With Win Magic and Truth Torpedoes

Well this used to be a funny video about charlie sheen. Charlie Sheen then had the video removed from YouTube on copyright grounds. Now he has done a Truth torpedo tour or its in the process of running, but its first showing in Detroit had people booing at him, and enraged at the high ticket prices, the fans became restless and angry and Charlie Sheen's condescending remarks at almost everyone in the theatre and the world. So now what will I do instead of posting the funny "Charlie Sheen Winning with Win Magic and Truth Torpedoes" that he had removed from YouTube on grounds of copyright? I will post his Losing video from TYT about his epic fail in Detroit. Charlie Sheen you may think your winning, but if you keep condescending people, you will always end up losing. No one wants to hear that kind of bullshit. You may think we are all not as evolved as you are? But I promise you this. Your tour is a fail. Go back to making hot shot movies or something. You have lost it buddy.

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