Saturday, October 13, 2007

List of all videos on the site

(In no particular order)

Home shopping network blooper
Prank call electronics store
Denzel Washington Impersonation
Keven Federline Parenting Tips
Ladder collapses on a guy on HSN
Wildwood Weed
Drunk guy pisses on his bed
Fa gay guy dances
Mentos and coke prank
Business meeting on the internet
Little Girl vs Soccer ball
Religious freaks gone wild
Bill Clinton owns heckler
David Letterman owns Paris Hilton
Drunk squirrel
Dennis Green Coors Light Commercial
Cheating Liars a Barry bonds Joint
Its peanut butter Federline!
Dora the Explorer - Lean like a cholo
The funniest scene from Army of Darkness
Bush says Miss Carolina response LOL!
Mike Ditka caught adjusting his nuts
Swedish hostess pukes on live TV
Don t tase me bro
KC Wolf tackles rowdy fan
Why men should always read instructions
Ever wonder what Biff is doing from Back to the Future?
Dude whacks himself with bat
Dog goes crazy after drinking slurpee
College Saga - Final Fantasy Spoof
Live pacman
He-Man PSA about being touched LOL
Clean kitty automatic washing machine
Octopus wrestling
Why Duke Sucks - The music Video
Mj-Violin this guy makes classic music classical. Genius!
Me battling wasps outside
Paula Abdul, what is she smoking?
Star wars gangsta Rap
George Bush acting a fool
Frank Caliendo - crazy impressions
World of Warcraft: Dancing
Mortal Kombat theme
Snow White and Seven dwarfs jam el Tao Tao
Crazy dad fights skaters
Even little people got moves - "Little Superstar"
I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!
Is Michael Scofield gay?
Bill gates gets hit in the face with pie
Waking up early, then riding the subway
Dancer versus Baby - Street Fighter 2
GI-Joe dubbed
Funny Commercials
Jim Carey the Karate Instructor
Amp'd Mobile Bike Riding Commercial
I bought that on Ebay - Weird Al
Funny as hell, English tutorial commercial
Tower of Pisa Jenga blocks Owned
Funny Smooze Coconut ad
Guy working gets tired of the bullshit
Who says you have to write music to own music? Kid goes wild on the guitar
Yelling at cats
The Simpsons: World of Warcraft
Funny Japanese show
The Real Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mad TV Ecstacy Commercial
2 brothers making a Mother's Day video
Cat plays drums with baby's head
Leeroy Jenkins World of Warcraft
Animator vs Animation
Talking cats
Arnolds Pizzeria
Rumsfield rolls a joint
Soccer bloopers
Teletubbies walk it out
Hyperactive - Lasse Gjertsen
Amateur - Lasse Gjertsen
Dramatic Chipmunk
Zune phone
Super News - Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs
Traffic Cops Defeat the Purpose
Powerthirst Energy Drink Commercial
Fatboy slim and Christopher Walken dancing
Darth Vader takes no shit from NO ONE!
Im a kitty cat
Professor gets angry
Japanese ball handling
My boys the X-Men do a music video, jamming Unwritten Law
Talking dogs
What if chat rooms were real?
Dance for Diabetes
White kid writes to black people
Charlie Brown and Outkast Music Video
Michael Jackson's Thriller: Indian Style
Lying Game - Game from the UK, as showed on Balls of Steel
Lucky Louie God is Dead
Jim Carey as Vanilla Ice - In Living Color
I did not have sex with that woman
Britney Spears fan cries
Crazed Britney Spears fan shows you his room
This guy makes some funny random faces
Wasp stings old man in the face
Paris Hilton in Jail - The music video
Wierd Al Yankovic - White and Nerdy
Potter Puppet Pals Sing to a Strange Ticking Noise
The Simpsons real life intro
Think you can dance? Watch the Evolution of Dance
Star wars theme on a Banjo, And you thought you were a Nerd...
Power glove ITS SOO BAD!
Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina Messes Up
Carlton Breakdancing Commercial
Internet People Funny Song brings back Memories
Jack Black doing Late Show Top Ten
Indian Superman

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